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LB7 downpipes: CA vs Federal

Discussion in 'Rick's Place' started by OTHRGRL, May 24, 2011.


    OTHRGRL Diesel Addicition

    Thought I would post this as a public warning:

    The LB7 downpipe does not fit the CA emissions trucks without modification. The bolt pattern on the flanges is slightly different - 4 of the holes line up but 2 of them don't. I was able to modify the Pro-Fab downpipe to work by cutting the flange off of the stock CA downpipe and line up the 4 holes using 7/16" bolts through both flanges, then used the stock flange as a guide to drill holes in the new down-pipes flange. I'll be sending Rick the flange that I cut off - it should be easy for him to make them so they fit both types of LB7's. Other than the flange there were no other fitment issues with the EGR up-pipe or anything.
  2. ripmf666

    ripmf666 VIN CHECKER/GM SPEC'S

    I think I still have both Gm gaskets here at the house I could just drop the cali one off to him.
  3. RickDLance

    RickDLance Administrator Staff Member Shareholder

    Great info! I have people that ask all the time. Thanks Guys!
  4. Diesel Tech

    Diesel Tech Just an old racer.

    The seal area is different as well so be careful with the wastegate valve opening. Also this is not a CA truck only deal as there were 13 states that used EGR from 2002 - 2004 LB7's.
  5. 05smoker

    05smoker One last try!

    My buddy's 03 from Georgia has an EGR.
  6. dmaxman06

    dmaxman06 straight face racer

    how do u know if u have a cali emmision lb7 is there a way u to look it up?
  7. RPO list in the glove box, federal emission code is FE9. Also they have an EGR.
  8. RickDLance

    RickDLance Administrator Staff Member Shareholder

    Henry, send me a LB7 egr down pipe gasket Please.
  9. ripmf666

    ripmf666 VIN CHECKER/GM SPEC'S

    will do i'm giving you a call also Rick
  10. james13

    james13 Member

    mbrp makes one for the cal. i just got one from alligatorperformance :thumb:

    OTHRGRL Diesel Addicition

    I've read it doesn't fit properly. I would much rather support Rick - he continues to give us parts that none of the big companies want to make for us. Funny how for YEARS no one made a downpipe for the LB7 (except TTS who wanted way too much for it), then Rick comes out with his and 2-3 companies copy it and try to under cut him.
  12. Diesel Tech

    Diesel Tech Just an old racer.

    So it OK that Rick takes someone else's idea but it's not OK if someone else does the same thing? You say the TTS was too expensive but forgot to mention that it come as SS and a 4" cat pipe as well. So if your going to compare at least compare apples to apples not apples to oranges
  13. RickDLance

    RickDLance Administrator Staff Member Shareholder

    I didn't take anyones idea. To this day I still haven't seen anyone's but mine.;)

    I certainly didn't screw up and use the same exact design like they did. :eek:

    OTHRGRL Diesel Addicition

    Steve, Rick obviously didn't copy yours; his is a stock replacement with better flow. Yours includes a front pipe and costs more than most people pay for a complete stainless 4" or 5" exhaust system. People asked Rick to make LB7 downpipes, so they probably also felt yours was too expensive.
  15. Diesel Tech

    Diesel Tech Just an old racer.

    Most are told by others like yourself that it just a downpipe like the rest which is not true. Ours is a complete SS 4" with the front 4" pipe and when you add those together it's not much more than a down pipe and front pipe from others. Then when you look at the rest of what we put in the kit the differences are clear.


    We did the turbo pipe long before you or anyone else did and now someone else is doing it too. Dustin is making claims that they took your idea and if you are good with that then you took our idea. Just the way it is.
  16. RickDLance

    RickDLance Administrator Staff Member Shareholder

    Yes Steve you might have had it first. All I did was build it MY WAY and made it more affordable.

    Mine looks nothing like yours as far as I can tell from the pictures that were sent to me today. You of all people should know I wouldn't have copied yours. Maybe left field is getting lonely? LOL

    One of the new manufacturers pipe is close to identical to my design from what I am being told and what I have seen on the internet. I didn't make the statement, But I do agree with Dustin.
  17. Diesel Tech

    Diesel Tech Just an old racer.

    Not talking about the pipe but the idea here. Normal business practices for a competitor to make there own if they think they can do it better and cheaper. You did it and now you've had it done to you. As far as being in left field I'm very happy with setting records and doing it our way.
  18. blksmok

    blksmok Administrator Staff Member Shareholder

    Are you honestly saying you invented the idea of creating a better flowing exhaust?

    OTHRGRL Diesel Addicition

    I don't tell people that your's is just a down-pipe like the rest - I have honestly never had a customer even mention your downpipe. When customers ask about downpipes I tell them that there is a SS one for $671.75 that goes from 3 to 3.5, then includes a 4" front pipe (which most people asking about a downpipe already have); and it requires a $63.45 dipstick. Then I tell them that there is a one that is 3" and direct bolt on for about $250 ($150 now) - big surprise that they go with the one that's less than 1/4 the price.

    I can get them a full 5" stainless exhaust from the down-pipe back, with a 4" front pipe and a muffler for $550. Or a full 4" stainless exhaust from the down-pipe back, with a 4" front pipe and a muffler for $350. I don't have any customers that want to spend $1382.95 to get from the turbo to tailpipe with your parts or I would have called you about buying some.

    Comparing your downpipe to Rick's the only similarity is the flange at the turbo, which has to be the same. Comparing Rick's to MBRP it is easy to see that theirs is a direct copy of his I wouldn't be surprised to find out they bought one of his to copy it. So in your words lets compare "apples to apples". And I agree with Dave that you seem to be trying to lay claim to the invention of better flowing exhaust. I think that idea has been around a while and that you and Rick both used that idea to create 2 completely different LB7 downpipes.
  20. Diesel Tech

    Diesel Tech Just an old racer.

    So replacing a stock down pipe with a bolt in replacement that still has the limited exit size at 2 3/4 " as the stock pipe does is the same as one that has a 4" exit? As for the front pipe all except TTS are for stock pipes which are again reduce in size to 2 3/4" ID. So what gain is there by keeping a choke of 2 3/4" in the system versus a full 4"? Not even close to apples and apples.

    Yes the idea has been around since we did it for the Duramax back in 2001 when Rick and everyone else said it was not needed. Now it's needed, so how's that work? As for being the inventor of a performance exhaust for the Duramax never said that, so how about you quit trying to put more into it than what I said.

    Its funny that Rick has taken others ideas and made his versions of them and its OK but when he feels someone has done it to him it's now not OK.

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